2020/2021 How much is jamb registration form

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Do you know how much is jamb form 2020/2021 cost?, I guess, no. That is the main reason you are here.
I am going to show you the updated price of  jamb  form 2020/2021 registration. Things needed to register, tips and price to pay.

How Much Is Jamb Form For Jamb 2020/2021  Registration

In  jamb 2018, the registration form was Five Thousand Five Hundred Naira (₦5,500) or more. Jamb 2019 form was quite different.
Guess what, it went down. The President of Nigeria at the time of writing this, reduced it.
As I said before, it was Five Thousand Five Hundred Naira(₦5,500). It was reduced to Three Thousand Five Hundred Naira (₦3,500).
Therefore, the cost of jamb form 2020/2021 is officially Three Thousand Five Hundred Naira. Although it may be higher in some place in Nigeria.
It should be in the range of Three Thousand Five Hundred Naira and Four Thousand Naira.
I hope you know the price of jamb form 2020/2021 ?, I guess so.
All thanks goes to President Muhammadu Buhari for the reduction. This has really helped a lot of aspiring jamb candidates who are not financially stable.

Things You Will Need For Jamb 2020 Registration

I want to list out what you will need during jamb 2020/2021 registration.
  1. Your personal email address (Gmail is recommended , not yahoo, AOL, etcetera).
  2. Jamb registration E-pin (The one you bought at the bank).
  3.  Money for the registration.
  4. Finger for thumb printing and face for capturing.
  5. O’ level results (WAEC, NECO, GCE, etcetera). Take one or two.
  6. Personal Data like Full Name, date of birth, state of origin. Address, gender, marital status, disability, local government of origin.
  7. Jamb 2020 password (Create an easy to remember password).
  8.  State and town of the jamb examination.
  9. Correct Jamb subject combination for your desired course.
  10. Choices of institutions and the course you want to study. 1st choice (University). 2nd choice (University or Polytechnic). 3rd choice (polytechnic college of education). 4th choice (Innovative institution)

Total Money To Be Spent For Jamb 2020/2021  Registration

You need to know the  total amount of money you will spend to register for jamb 2020.
  • Profile code for jamb 2020/2021 = Fifty Naira (₦50).
  • Price of Jamb  E-pin = Three Thousand Five Hundred Naira (₦3500).
  • Bank Charges = Two Hundred to Five Hundred Naira (₦200 -₦500).
  • Cbt Center Fee = Seven Hundred Naira (₦700).
  • Price of Jamb 2020/2021 Novel in use of English [Sweet Sixteen] = Free of charge. Note : It may cost Five Hundred Nairain some places in Nigeria.
The total amount of money to be spent when the novel is free is between ₦4,550 – ₦4,850. Four Thousand Five Hundred and Fifty Naira and Four Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Naira.
In case you bought the jamb 2020/2021 novel at a rate of Five Hundred Naira. It will sum up to approximately Five Thousand Naira (₦5,000).
All the money that you should spend should be between ₦4,000 and ₦5,000. Four Thousand Naira and Five Thousand Naira.

Important Tips For Jamb 2020/2021 Registration

  1. The jamb 2020/2021 form is online not offline (Hardcopy).
  2. You are to register in an accredited cbt center. Some cbt center have been disqualified, so take note of that. Do not register in a computer cafe.
  3. You will be given jamb syllabus, brochure and novel at the cbt center. This will take place after registration.
  4. Take adequate amount of money along. At least Five Thousand Naira will be okay for the form.
  5. Know your personal data before leaving home. Date of birth, address, local government of origin, state of origin ,etcetera.
  6. Take along with you, your O’ level results (waec, neco, or gce). You can take one or two along depending on your course, choice of institution , etcetera. Don’t snap it, it will be snapped or scanned at the cbt center.
  7. Make sure you use the correct subject combination for your course. Also make sure that the institution you picked offers the course.
  8. Be vigilant during the registration. Let your eyes be as sharp as a cat eyes. Confirm that all the data registered are correct.
  9. The slip at the bank must be collected by you. Don’t leave it at the bank, it is a proof of payment.
  10. You can’t register for jamb without having a profile code. Create one before anything else.
  11. The email address matters a lot. If there is a single problem in it, it will spoil everything. I advise you to use gmail, not yahoo. I repeat, use a gmail account email address for jamb registration.
  12. Collect your utme registration slip from the person who registered you at the cbt center. It is very important to you. It entails briefly your dates for the examination.
  13. You will receive a message from jamb to your email address. It will contain your jamb slip  in a PDF format. If you did not see any message from jamb, don’t worry as far as you have your jamb registration slip with you.

Is jamb form out for 2020

No, the registration has not started.
When the board decides on it and release it.
You will get notified (only if you subscribe).
But the registration should start by December ending.
It may also start by the first week of January in 2020.

Conclusion On Price Of Jamb Form 2020

This article has fully explained what you need to know about jamb registration price.
I believe by now you know how much is jamb form for 2020 candidates.
Banks that sells jamb e-pin or form in 2020 are : Polaris bank, union bank, first bank, access bank, etc.
The jamb 2020/2021 registration form is not really expensive. It is cheaper and affordable. It is not as expensive as waec, neco or gce.
It is necessary for you to take note of all the important utme 2020/2021 registration tips above. Feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions about this post.
Now that you know the utme 2020/2021 price, you want others to know ?. Yeah, am sure you want other jamb candidates to know.
To do this, use the sharing buttons below and above this post to share it. Don’t forget to subscribe to get educational updates to your email address.

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