I Prefer My Sex Doll To A Woman — Pretty Mike

Controversial club owner and socialite, Pretty Mike knows how to hug headlines and revel in it. His weird ways have never ceased to stir buzz in the media and his latest assertion that he prefers his sex doll to women hasn’t gone unnoticed either as he opened up in a chat with a couple of media guys, including Potpourri.
Pretty Mike stated that he prefers his sex doll to women and that it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if he decides to marry it. “Yes, I prefer my sex doll to a woman. We have heard people say a lot about women but I don’t want too much stress.
Some of our ladies are just too stressful,” he said with pride. Continuing he responded to the question on whether he could marry the doll and have children by it “Sure, Why not? We might have an elaborate wedding next year.
We are in the era of technology where anything is possible. Like I said, my friend Kanye West and Kim have kids but the woman only took in once. Somebody else carried the pregnancy for her,” he said.
Whether this is another gimmick of Mike to hug more headlines or not is out of the question as he doesn’t appear to be ruffled by any question. “You know I keep telling people that you should never say never to anything.
Asking me if I saw myself like this as a kid, I would say no. But as you grow up, your life would be shaped and you would see things differently,” he reacted when asked if he had always seen himself the way he had turned out.
Sometime last year, Pretty Mike posted a picture of a sex doll he had acquired on his Instagram page much to the bewilderment of many people. But being weird is what has characterized his life since he relocated from US to open a night club in Nigeria.
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